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You are not flesh and blood and bone, but thought, reason, and memory. The self-directed use of these is will.
Will is the ability of humans to remake the world around them, to control one's self, or resist the influence of others. It is the physical expression of self awareness, that thing we call intelligent life, sentience, or consciousness.
Truth is not the default state of the world. Deception and lies rule the natural world. Truth must be brought into existence by the will of the individual.
Referendum is freedom. A popularity contest may or may not be a good idea to choose a leader. It doesn't matter how one is chosen if the people can fire them through referendum. A vote on all leaders, legislators, appointments, judges, laws, and law enforcers. That is freedom. The boss doesn't always do the hiring, but can always do the firing.
It is time for a New Austerity. To combat the out of control corporate socialism that enslaves you, there is only one tool you have that frightens them. Opt-out of consumerism by buying less and buying only from people, not corporations.
It is monstrously evil to make a person pay for food, housing and healthcare. Why do we give welfare to corporations that need none of those things, that feel no pain or hunger and are not susceptible to any illness or discomfort. Would you stare at your dog or cat when they are hungry, cold or sick and say to them, "what are you going to do for me to deserve your food?" Wouldn't we all think such a person evil and cruel? Likewise doing the same to a person.
Margaret Mead famously said, "It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly."
Choose to be moral, honest, honourable, ethical, and helpful to those in need. Not out of fear of gods, just by using will. If everyone lived this way, earth would be without strife.